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This index was compiled on transcribtions of baptismal certificates that forms part of the so-called Boonzaaier Collection in the Cape Archives (Ref. A2039). The baptismal certificates was transcribed by Mr FJ Boonzaaier. The index is on baptismal certificates of some of the Cape Colony Congregations of various English Church Denominations as well as some baptismal certificates of the Cape Town Lutheran congregation and covers the period 1808 to 1854 It is not an index on a complete set of data. The data may namely e.g. contain transcriptions of baptismal certificates for the Cape Town Anglican Church for the period 1807-1815 and 1840-1849 (this is just an example). Most of the congregations are also situated in the Cape Peninsula.

The transcriber of this valuable new genealogical source is Trudy du Bruyn. She has done the South African Genealogical Community a great service by transcribing this material. The database contains an index on about 5600 baptismal certificates. I also want to thank Ron Smit for hosting this data for us on his website at This database would also be of value to researchers who is doing research on Afrikaans surnames as some of the parents had Afrikaans surnames.

Mr. Boonzaaier has done his transcriptions from the original records and the index that is available on this site are thus an index on his transcriptions. He has not always indicated the Denomination and/or Congregation. If no Congregation and Denomination are given at least the name of the relevant Minister is however given. If users can assist with outstanding information please send me the relevant information to If you e.g. know of which denomination the Cape Town congregation serviced by Dr. Laurence Hynes Halloran was, please let me know so that I can update the database.

The reason why there is a column for Baptismal Places, is because with some of the baptisms a place name have been written above the baptismal date. A congregation may thus be indicated as Cape Town and the name Simonstown may have been written above the baptismal date. It is only these place names that are indicated in the Baptismal Place column. I think it is reasonable to assume that such place names are the actual place of the baptism. For biographical detail of the relevant ministers click here.

The complete data can be accessed at the Western Cape Archives. As stated above the reference number of the Boonzaaier Collection is A2039. For is link to a list of Commercial Researchers at the Western Cape Archives who may be able to assist with research in the Boonzaaier Collection see The following data may also be available: Birth date; birth place; death date of child; age of child at time of death; name of father; occupation of father; name of mother and surname of mother."

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