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13 Mei - Sterfdag van Lord Milner in 1925
Op 13 Mei 1925 sterf Lord Alfred Milner in Canterbury Engeland. Dit het my laat dink aan die volgende aanhaling van oud-President F.W. Reitz waarin hy vertel van 'n gesprek met Paul Kruger oor sy ontmoeting met Milner by die ondertekening van die Vredesverdrag van Vereeniging wat op 31 Mei 1902 'n einde aan die ABO gebring het. Die aanhaling kom voor in sy seun H. Reitz se boek The Conversion of a South African Nationalist en lees as volg:  "As to Sir Alfred Milner I still have and shall always have the greatest contempt  for the part he played in South Africa. When, after signing the formal document in which we relinquished our Independence, we left the hall of the house of Mr. Hays where this deed was done and Lord Milner shook hands with all the delegates, I evaded him.  As we went out through the front door Lord Kitchener said to each of us 'Good friends, I hope?'  All who preceded me answered 'Yes'. When it came to my turn I noticed Milner standing next to him and replied to the British Commander-in-Chief's friendly question, 'Yes, Sir, with you.'  About two months later I met President Kruger in Scheveningen (nota: my ma se geboortedorp) and told him all about it, adding that I blamed Chamberlain and Milner for all our woes. The good old Christian said, 'The Bible tells us that we must forgive our enemies.' To which I replied, 'Yes, President, but it makes the condition that they must first repent."


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